Features - PVC, CPVC

Flow tested design provides quick response with positive seal for prevention of system back flow in industrial ad chemical processing applications. Valves are available in IPS sizes 1/2" through 6" with socket/regular thread, SR threaded (Special reinforced), flanged or spigot end connectors and 8" venturied valve with socket or flanged ends. Also available in metric socket and BSP thread sizes 1/2" through 2"/

- Chemical & Corrosion Resistant PVC or CPVC Construction

- Also available in Spears LXT High Purity, Low Extractable PVC Material

- Strong, Buttress Thread Union Nuts

- Spears Safe T-Blocked Seal Carrier

- Uses Standard O-ring Seat

- Fully EPDM or Viton O-rings

- Fully serviceable, Replaceable Components

- Sizes 1/2" - 4" Pressure Rated to 235 psi @ 73 Degree F, Sizes 6" and 8" Venturied and all Flanged Pressure Rated to 150 psi @ 73 Degree F.

- Suitable for Either Horizontal or Vertical Installations

- EPDM valves NSF Certified for Potable Water Use

- Suitable for Vacuum Service

- Assembled with Silicone-Free, Water Soluble Lubricants

- Manufactured to ASTM F 1970.

Spears Ball Check Valves easily convert to foot Valve Screen adapters found in Ball Valve Accessories section.

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