Air Velocity Transmitter


Series VTT - Hot-Wire Air Velocity/Temperature Transmitter


The Series VTT Hot-Wire Air Velocity and Temperature Transmitter provides a versatile unit for air velocity and temperature needs. The VTT offers five field-selectable ranges as well as operating in metric (m/s, °C) or English (fpm, °F) units. The VTT can measure up to 30 m/s (6000 fpm) and 50°C (122°F). The units are available with or without an LCD display which alternates between velocity and temperature. Series VTT can be ordered in duct mount or remote mount configurations with 4-20 mA or 0-10 V outputs. The VTT is a useful transmitter for many common HVAC applications.


Series 641 - Air Velocity Transmitter


The new Series 641 Air Velocity Transmitter is the ideal instrument for monitoring air flow. This transmitter uses a heated mass flow sensor which allows for precise velocity measurements at various flow rates and temperatures. The 641’s 16 field selectable ranges provides it the versatility to be selected for several air flow applications. The optional LED produces a complete, low-cost solution for local indication of air flow.


Series AVU - Air Velocity Transmitter



The Dwyer Series AVU Air Velocity Transmitter is ideal for a wide range of HVAC measurement and control applications, particularly in complete building control and energy management systems. The Series AVU offers 5% accuracy at a surprisingly low cost, with six units covering ranges from 0-785 fpm to 0-3150 fpm, with either 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC output.

The Series AVU Transmitter operates by measuring the heat loss from one of the two sensing elements in the air-stream, then calculating the air velocity. Units are virtually immune to drift due to the design of the sensing element, which makes the transmitter accurate over the whole air velocity range.

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