What is Citro-Clean ... ?

Five great products in one, Citro-Clean covers a wide range of applications as a cleaner, stain remover, mould killer, deodouriser & Commercial Grade surface spray disinfectant. ALL in the same bottle!

Long considered an essential part of a cleaner’s resource kit this powerful cleaner passes the TGA Disinfectant Test for Commercial Grade Disinfectants, Option C.

"The product was evaluated against the organisms Escherichia coli NCTC 8196 and Staphylococcus aurens NCTC 4163, in triplicate, utilising fresh cultures and solutions on each occasion. .... The product as described above was found to pass the test under the above test conditions. All controls conformed to the requirements of the test procedure." Ref: N103821

What is Citro-Clean made from ... ?

Citro-Clean contains a blend of natural extracts including extract from orange peel (d-limonene - a natural solvent), and extracts from sugar cane (Ethanol) & coconut.

What is the difference between Citro-Clean & other citrus cleaners ?

- Citro-Clean is a properly formulated product containing a blend of natural extracts.

- Citro-Clean is a Commercial Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant.

- When used neat Citro-Clean kills common environmental yeasts & moulds such as Aspergillus niger, Penicillium corylophilum and Candida albicans.

- Citro-Clean mixes with water, which means that it will clean both wet & dry surfaces. It also means that it may be diluted. Many other citrus products are just a straight orange OIL which, as oils float on water, means that they can’t effectively be used to clean things like a wet shower, or any wet surface, simply because all you would be doing would be spreading oil and leaving a slippery surface.

- Citro-Clean has more proven applications & works on a wider range of difficult spots & stains - eg textas and permanent markers.

What precautions are needed when using Citro-Clean ...?

DO NOT use Citro-Clean on suede or leather - it removes the natural oils.

Do not use on plastics except with extreme care. Citro-Clean can be used on your kitchen laminex or melamine surfaces. However some plastics are affected by Citro-Clean. "But it comes in a plastic bottle?" - YES but there are various types and grades of plastic available and each has a different response to the product and will be affected in a different way. For example the surface of many plastics will be "crazed" or left with a scratched look if the product is used. In short, if Citro-Clean is used on some plastic surfaces (deliberately or otherwise) then it must be flushed off immediately with water to minimise any surface damage. DO NOT use it on Perspex, it will frost the surface immediately. (Some have restored the perspex with Brasso.) Commonsense is required.

On painted and varnished surfaces always test a small inconspicuous area first - it will remove paint and varnish & can be used as a paint & varnish stripper so extreme care must be taken. If used on painted and varnished surfaces DILUTE the product and test. Similiar precautions to that of plastics must be used.

Citro-Clean is FLAMMABLE. It should not be used near naked flames & must be kept away from sources of ignition, nor used where there may be the possibility of build up of vapour. It is not recommended for use as an internal oven cleaner. It should NOT be used in confined spaces - good ventilation is advised when using any cleaning product. Eg when cleaning the shower open the window.

What can it be used for ... ?

Generally, most things - it’s basically all your cleaning products in one bottle. It will remove a wide variety of stains, general soiling, mask unwanted odours and is a Commercial Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant.

Few products are as versatile: removes difficult spots & stains including ball point pen, permanent markers, crayon, lipstick, texta, grease, oils, diesoline, fat, candle wax, acrylic & oil paint, sticky tape, blood, breaks up chewing gum, removes glue & adhesives, kills mould, dissolves soap scum & residues and much more, puts this product in a top class by itself.

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