The Feature-Tec cyclonic separator is a gas-liquid separator that is highly efficient at removing impurities from a gas stream at very high pressures with minimal pressure loss over a wide range of flow rates.


  • No consumable parts.
  • Self cleaning.
  • Suitable for gas treatment at well heads, and with very high liquid content.
  • Separation of solid and wax.
  • Fabricated with ASME U stamp.
  • Extremely efficient  over a wide range of flow rates.
  • 10 micron removal of solid and liquid particles from a gas stream.
  • Low differential pressure.
  • Operates at high inlet pressures.


Design of a cyclotube separator:

Inside the main housing, tubes are distributed equally around a common annulus. Gas with impurities flows upward through the centre and is evenly distributed into individual tubes, where the gas mixture flows down and cyclonic separation takes place at low differential pressure. Centrifugal force in each tube separates the heavy (solid or liquid) phase from the multiphase mixture. The purified gas then flows upward through the centre of the tubes to the outlet. This design is much more efficient in separating particles compared to a standard knockout tank. A knockout tank will not separate at a high efficiency over a wide range of flow rates.


Efficiency (per tube)


Housing sizing guide

Cyclotube sizing

Sizes range up to 4m with diameters up to 1.4m.

Design flow rates range from 600m3/h to 14000 m3/h

Housings can be constructed with Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with corrosion resistance.

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