Feature Tec Filter Coalescer

Filter coalescers are suited to remove very fine liquid and solid impurities from gases. Impurities including mist, lubricants, ammonia and micro particles can be removed. Filter coalescers can also protect delicate instruments such as gas compressors or gas turbines from the presence of fine mists to prevent salt fouling. Coalescing cartridges inside are placed vertically with flow of gas is from inside to outside. 

Coalescing Cartridges

The Feature Tec filter coalescer uses cartridge elements within the housing. Information on the cartridge elements can be found HERE


Fine mist (down to 0.3 microns) is formed into larger droplets as the gas passes through the cartridge. Liquid droplets such as mist hit the glass fiber element and move across the depth of the element, hitting other liquid droplets along the way, forming larger droplets. Due to surface tension the droplet will hold on to the glass fiber element of the cartridge until it is large enough where gravity will force the liquid to fall and be collected at the base of the filter housing.

The Feature Tec filter coalescer can effectively and accurately remove solids from gas (e.g. natural gas and landfill gas) and utilize coalescence to remove mist (e.g. lubricant, glycol) which is difficult to treat.

Separation efficiency 0.3 micron absolute

Mounting mode: vertical


- Remove lubricant in gas compressor

- Remove hydrocarbon liquid from gas

- Protect solid drier and molecular sieve from being polluted by lubricant, glycol and ammonia

- Remove impurities from turbine fuel gas

- Remove glycol contained in downstream of glycol and ammonia contactor

- Remove liquid and solid particles from gas sample in gas analyzer

- Propane cooling system: separate lubricant from propane

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