The Feature Tec depth cartridge is designed to filter out a high solid impurity content and soft deformable particles from liquids where a surface filter or automatic backwash filter cannot be used at a high efficiency and a low pressure drop.

The FSH has a surface area of 20m2 and can hold up to 20kg of solid material at an efficiency of 99%. The FSH cartridge is able to achieve this by it's horizontally pleated filtration area which allows a greater surface area than most depth filters which are vertically pleated. The FSH contains a double o-ring connection to prevent bypass and is made from polypropylene material for strength and durability.


Petroleum - Amine Fluid

Microelectronics - Plating solution

Chemical - Triglycol

Water treatment - Prefiltering before membrane

Pharmaceuticals - Distilled water

Energy - Fuel

Food - Beverage clarification


Operating Conditions and Specifications
Max operation dP 30 C, 3.5 kg/cm2
Max operation Temperature 80 C
Serile condition Autoclave 126 C, 10 times in 30 minutes
Outside Diameter (O.D.) 165 mm
Inside Diameter (I.D.) 65 mm


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