There are numerous technologies for the measurement of flow and the selection depends on the accuracy of the required measurement and the medium. Metering requirements can include flow switches, instantaneous flow indicators, totalising indicators and batching control. They range from the simple mechanical devices to advanced electronic sensors that can measure tri phase fluids.

Technologies Include:


- Paddle Switch (Gems, Dwyer, Kelco)
- Thermal Switches (Kayden, EGE)

Volumetric Flow Measurement

Positive displacement - Defined volumes passing from inlet to outlet (see Burker Oval gear)
Inferential - Turbines, propellers and paddle wheels where angular velocity of the fluid is proportional to the flow rate (see ARAD Woltman water meters and Burkert Paddle Wheel)
Oscillatory - Vortex where velocity is proportional to oscillatory motion
Differential Pressure - Widely used industrial flow measurement where this is a relationship between differential pressure and velocity (see Stubbe, Techfluid and Dwyer Rotameters)
Electromagnetic - For conductive fluids using Faradays laws (see Burkert insertion mag flow and full bore meters)
Ultrasonic - Both Doppler shift and transit time systems
Sonar - Volumetric and gas volume fraction

Mass Flow Measurement

- Coriolis

- Mass Flow Thermal (gas)

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