Hygienic fluid filtration solutions

Treliving Engineering Supplies have a range of products used in the Food and Beverage industry; including sanitary Stainless Steel Housings, Nylon Mono Filament, Absolute and FDA compliant filter bags. We supply direct to industry from manufacturer with very competitive prices.


Treliving also provides Food and Beverage industries with pleated membrane cartridges and spiral-wound membranes for Ultra-Filtration for removing fats and proteins from liquids.


Specialised industires

Beer Filtration

Soft Drink Processing

Food Processing

Edible oil Processing

Dairy Manufacturing and Filtration


Related products

Sanitary Valves

Sanitary fittings

Sanitary hoses

Sanitary pressure gauges


Treliving can assist your application. Please call, fax or email to contact one of our reps who can visit or talk to you about your process.

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