Gas Filtration


Gas Liquid Separators are used in the oil and gas industry to purify natural gas, land fill gas, turbine air inlets, retain glycol and desiccant mixtures and protect power equipment from damage.

Treliving Engineering Supplies has a wide range of products to service the oil and gas industry with gas treatment solutions.

Treliving can supply pressure vessels direct from Manufacturer from an ISO9001 certified facility. All vessels are designed and built to ASME Section VIII Div. 3 and can be U-Stamp upon request.

Our reliable separator products are highly efficient for moisture separation and provide protection for your equipment.


Natural Gas Production products


Inlet gas separation

Iron oxides, iron sulfides, dirt and a variety of deformable particles suspended in field gas can flow directly into the processing system. Effective removal of these contaminants can prevent fouling in gas sweetening and dehydration systems. Multi-stage filter separators and/or coalescing filter systems are typically used upstream of the sweetening system to provide protection of expensive compressors or turbines. Fouling (the accumulation of debris on a piece of equipment - such as salt) can be prevented by using a coalescer. In both systems, cartridge filters will provide reliable particulate removal and long service life.


Amine Sweetening filtration

Gas processing facilities typically use amines as treatment solvents to remove acid gas components in the natural gas stream. Amines such as MDEA, DEA, MEA and many specifically designed formulations, absorb hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) to “sweeten” the gas stream. Efficient amine filtration is a critical part of a well-functioning system. Coalescers can be used to protect contact towers from foaming by removing solid particles and recover amine solution for the gas sweetening process to reduce costs.

High dirt holding capacity cartridges can be used for the removal of soft, deformable particles to prevent plugging further down in the sweetening process.

Feature-Tec Active Carbon bags can be applied in any application where removal of trace chemicals is required to improve filtrate purity. It is able replace the need for a Carbon Bed.


Desiccant Dehydration

Dry gas filters are used to remove dust and solids from the gas phase. Dry gas filters consist of multiple filter cartridges and can be installed at the Desiccant Dehydration Outlet


Glycol Dehydration

Glycol is the treatment solvent normally used to remove water vapor from natural gas downstream of an amine sweetening system or as a stand-alone system.

Melt blown cartridges can be used to remove solid particles from the glycol stream which can cause fouling and corrosion in the heat exchangers, reboiler and absorber.


Power Generation

Methane-rich gas used for power generation in turbines or reciprocating engines requires filtration to remove fine mists that may carry salt or solid particles which can lead to fouling or damaging turbine blades and compressors. 

Cogeneration and Trigeneration processes are used to increase the efficiency of fuel. Boilers used in the process must be protected from contaminants to ensure the long life of a boiler and further downstream equipment. Self-cleaning filters can be used as a first stage to remove large particles without maintenance and extend the life of finer filters downstream.

Coalescers, dry gas filters and melt blown cartridges can be used to remove ultra-fine solid particles and protect equipment from fouling, corrosion and save the cost of maintenance by extending service life.

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