Eaton's LOFCAP encapsulated filters can be used in a wide range of applications including laboratory fluids, dairy water & air, scale up, opthalmics, small volume filtration, small volume process water and similar applications. Compact and light, it is ideal for use in a variety of restricted devices, easy to enable and quick and efficient maintenance. 

LOFCAP disposable capsule is ideally suited for the filtration of developer, DI water and small volume batch processing. They are well suited for small to medium scale production lines and research facilities. Each filament of this filter is thermally welded hence it does not release fiber in usage. The disposable filter comes with low surfactant binding, superior wet ability and the highest standards of down stream cleanliness enabling optimum equipment efficiency, enhanced safety for filtration and fast filter change. 


- For small volume point of use filtration.

- For point-of-use filtration of broad range of acids, bases, non-flammable solvents and photo resists.

- The capsule filter is available in a variety of configurations and grades.

- Air vent for storage tank.

- Self-contained capsule for easy change out and disposal.

- High-surface area design increases filtration throughput. 


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