Level Sensors can be used to perform a wide variety of measuring tasks. Automatically turning pumps on or off, signaling alarms, or indicating the level of fluid or solids within a tank.

The applications extend from limit value monitoring to precise continuous measurement.

Single Point Switches



  Simple and low cost. General application
Buoyancy Level Switches Useful in neutral and aggressive liquids. Made of stainless steel or polypropylene
Tuning Forks, Vibrating Sensors Useful in highly viscous liquids, fruit pulps, sauces, syrups. Dry-run protection and overfill applications. Works well in presence of foam 

Conductive Level Sensors,



Suits most liquid applications. Very robust and accurate measurement via conduction from probe to tank wall. Probes range from single point detection to 10 point detection for effective continuous measurement.


Continuous Measurement


Radar Transmitter

         Non-contact level sensor. For aggressive media and sanitary level measurement, compact for level measurement up to 30m, 4...20 mA/Hart - 2 wires, adjustable with PC, ATEX approvals. Plastic or steel.
Hydrostatic Pressure
4 ... 20 mA output. Suitable for permanent level measurement up to 100 m water column.
Ultrasonic Transmitter Non-contact level sensor, suited especially for water and waste water management up to 15m. Sludge container, water basins. 4... 20 mA/Hart - 2 wires, ATEX approvals. Plastic or steel.
Guided Microwave
Universal level measuring device for liquids and bulk 
materials. Rods up to 2m, Cables up to 10m.
4... 20 mA/Hart - 2 wires
Can handle dust, steam, foam, condensate and solid build up, ATEX approvals




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