Wire meshpads are used to separate liquid droplets from a gas stream. Wires are knitted into tightly packed layers which effectively form a pad that is placed into a housing creating a multi-stage liquid-vapor separator.


Principle of operation:

Within the meshpad vessel are two stages of separation.

1. The first stage of separation is by centrifugal force, which can typically remove 10 microns of liquid droplets. An impingement plate is placed at the inlet and forces the gas to flow in another direction where heavier, liquid droplets will hit the walls of the vessel and drain down.

2. The second stage of separation is the wire meshpad. The meshpad removes liquid droplets by coalescing mist to form larger liquid droplets within the mesh, which eventually fall down to the drain as the gravitational force overpowers the upward force of the gas flow.

A vortex breaker is positioned above the drain to prevent liquid re entering the gas stream once it has been drained.

Clean gas continues towards the outlet of the vessel.


Filtration efficiency 2 micron at 99-99.5%
Mounting options Vertical or Horizontal
Vessel design ASME VII Div. 1, ASME U stamp on request
Vessel Material Carbon steel, Stainless steel (Other material may be constructed on request)


Vertical Meshpad Vessel

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