Controller Types







Multitrode Level Sensors, Indicators and Controllers

Multitrode liquid level sensing probes can be used in a wide variety of liquids to indicate and control the level. Using conduction between the probe sensors and tank (or earth element) a circuit is formed once the liquid level passes over the sensor. Multitrode probes are hung above the tank, well or dam that is being measured and connected to a relay for measurement or indication.



Multismart Pump Station

The MultiSmart Pump Station Manager is the new face of technology for monitoring and control of water and wastewater Pump Stations. MultiSmart is a comprehensive and easy to use replacement for pump controllers, PLCs and RTUs backed by software.


Probe - Liquid Level Sensor

The Multitrode Probe has proven to be the most reliable and cost effective liquid level sensor available. It was designed for the arduous and turbulent condtions encountered in sewerage, works in any conductive liquid.



Multitrode's Indicator Controller (MTIC) provides continuous level indication and pump control from the Multitrode Probe via 4-20mA/ 0-10V output and 10 digital outputs.



The MTDPC is a compact 2-Pump and 2-Alarm controller for both empty (pump down) and fill (pump up) applications, for use with the Multitrode Probe.



Multitrodes MTR group of level control relays ensure ultra-reliable maintenance-free level control. 

MTR's contain 2 inputs and are generally used as a direct way to control pumps, valves or indicators to PLC's.

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