Eletta M-Series Orifice Plate

The well proven and acknowledged principle of measuring flow with an orifice plate, creating a differential pressure which corresponds to the flow, is combined with a new smart pressure sensor arrangement.

M3-series from Eletta is a unique product. Three modes in one instrument: Gas, Liquid and Differential Pressure.

The well-documented differential pressure measuring principle with exchangeable orifice-plates is the base for this construction. In combination with two independent absolute piezoresistive pressure sensors it gives you a compact Flow Meter which aslo can be used for three different modes. Through the Eletta software M-WIN 2.0 you can easily change function to:

- Gas flow measurement

- Liquid flow measurement

- Diferential Pressure

The M-series is one of the smallest gas flow meters on the market to measure most gases with an automatic compensation for changes in pressure and temperature.

If you change the fuction to DP mode you can use it as a standalone DP transmitter.

As Flow meter for liquids as oil and water it is an accurate meter that can be used with different pipe sections in most sizes.

M3-series comes in three pressure classes: 10, 25 and 50 bar.

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