Piston Switches

Proven piston switch technology delivers high repeatability and precise calibration for liquids or gases. Fixed setpoints range from a low 50 cc/min to 1.5GPM (5.7 l/m);adjustable version features setting of 0.5 to 20 GPM (2 to 76 l/m). Special capability versions offer viscosity compensation, and high pressure handling to 1,500 PSIG (103 bar). Brass, plastic or stainless steel bodies.



Protect your expensive electronic equipment from coolant flow failure on:

Laser Heads • Welders • Power Supplies • High Speed Spindles • X-Ray Tubes • Semiconductor Equipment


Assure proper lubrication flow to critical bearings or gears to prevent system downtime on:

Presses • Rotating Equipment • Conveyors • Machine Tools • Robotics


Ensure system integrity in processing and dispensing equipment on:

Water Purification and Filtering •  Beverage Dispensing • Chemical Additives • Gas Sampling • Distilling



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