Pleated filter-bag is formed by folding and thermal welding. The multi-layer depth filtration can prevent dust accumulation ensuring effective filtration. It's pleated sheet structure enlarges its surface area thus increasing volume and flow rate and reduces its differential pressure.

Available in FDA (CFR21) Compliant materials, free from contaminants and lubricant, it is used in a wide range of effective applications with stringent requirements like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, electronics industry, manufacturing of high purity methanol, biofuels and water treatment.


- Gradual changing structure of aperture prevent the dust on surface from accumulating;

- Progressive density depth filtration, high efficiency filter;

- Low pressure drop and long service life;

- Available in FDA (CFR21) Compliant Materials

- Broad chemical compatibility, wide range of effective applications


- Electron trade

- Pharmaceutical preparation

- Fine chemistry industry

- Decolourant

- Juice clarification

- Coating industrial.

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