Quarter Turn Valves

Quarter turn valves are the most common valve types for isolating service.

On/Off and position is controlled by a 1/4 turn of the shaft either by manual operator or pneumatic/electric actuator.

Ball Valves typically provide service from 1/4" to 4" with full bore and reduced bore operation.

A ball is rotated through 90 Degrees to move its ports relative to the ports of the valve body. When closed a full spherical face is presented to the inlet and outlet ports.

Butterfly valves operate in sizes from 2" to 24".

A circular disc turns within the cylindrical bore of the valve body. Compact, relative light weight and a wide choice of disc and seal materials give butterfly valves wide applications.

Plug Valves function similar to ball valves in that they provide bi directional flow, self cleaning and ideal for double block and bleed operation. The plug design gives large port openings (rectangular or round).


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