Shuttle Switches

For monitoring water and oil----in line sizes 1/2" to 3" (2.5 to 7.6 cm). Accurate with 1% repeatability and low-pressure drop. Plastic, bronze, stainless steel and marine grade housings. Fixed settings from 0.5 to 100 GPM (1.9 to 378.5 l/m); adjustable settings from 0.75 to 15 GPM (2.8 to 56.8 l/m).


Typical Applications:

Protect bearings or gears from loss of lubricant flow

Switches can reduce maintenance costs on:

Oil Separators • Fuel Systems • Pumps • Compressors • Presses

Provide instant, automatic shutdown if coolant flow falls off in electronics or machinery, such as:

Heat Exchangers • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment • Induction Furnaces • Radio Transmitters

Assure efficient operation of process systems, including:

Water Filtration and Reverse Osmosis • Chlorinators • De-icers • Sterilizers • Evaporators

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