Simplex basket strainers are used where the line can be shut down for short periods to clean or change baskets. Eaton standard cast pipeline strainers meet customers’ expectations and the highest standards, including:

- ISO 9001-2008 quality management

- Properly sized components to meet any specified retention requirement and flow rate

- Ultra low discharge strainer technology that offers reduced purged volumes



Simplex Model 72 Basket Strainer - The Eaton Model 72 is perfect for applications in which the line can be temporarily shut down for strainer basket cleaning or changeout.


Simplex Model 72 Straight Flow - With the Eaton Model 73 Straight Flow simplex basket strainer, pressure loss is greatly reduced and at the same time, results in a compact strainer that can fit in tight spaces.


Simplex Model 30R - The Model 30R is a cost effective choice for moderate pressure applications. These include water service in swimming pools, cooling towers and large air conditioning installations.


Simplex Model 72LO Tefzel Plastic Lined - A continuous lining of advanced fluoropolymer resin makes the Model 72L simplex strainer an excellent low cost alternative to exotic alloy strainers in a wide variety of corrosive or abrasive lined piping applications.


Simplex Model 72SJ Steam Jacketed - Steam jacketed strainers are used for applications where materials must be kept hot in order to remain fluid. Applications examples are chocolate, asphalt, resins and polymers.


Simplex Model 510 Multi Basket - The Model 510 simplex strainer is unlike other large size simplex strainers because of its multi-basket design. Four strainer baskets strain the process media and give the strainer an extremely high dirt removal capability.

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