CiDRA's SONARtrac Volumetric Flow Monitoring System

Cidras Sonartrac Flow Monitoring System is a breakthrough in full-bore, non-invasive flow measurement technology. By installing on existing process lines Sonartrac clamp-on flow monitoring systems eliminate the process disruptions associated with installing other types of flowmeters.

The Sonartrac Flow Monitoring System is not an ultrasonic meter; it utilizes patented array processing techniques to listen to, and interpret, acoustic fields generated by pipe flows. This passive listening approach enables the Sonartrac flow monitoring system to measure single phase and multiphase flows as well as slurries, with the same level of accuracy and performance.


- Entirely non-intrusive, wrap around flow sensor design
- Transmitter with integrated flow processor
- Programmable by keypad or PC interface
- Self-diagnostics capability
- Data logging capabilities
- Volumetric Flow
- Flow Velocity
- Sensor Temperature
- USB port and memory stick
- Remote data logging retrieval
- Flow diagnostic reporting to Cidra technical support
- Analog/Digital Outputs
- Two (2) 4-20 mA current outputs
- Pulse/Frequency output alarm
- HART protocol


- Accurate and reliable operation for multiphase and single phase flows
- Ideal for high percent solids and bubbly flows
- No need to recalibrate when process or densities change
- Quick, simple installation with no alignment  or coupling gels required
- Installs while process is running
- Full bore flow measurements; no pressure drops or potential for leaks
- No moving parts, no inherent drift mechanism
- Requires no recalibration
- Maintenance free operation
- Indifferent to pipe material or liners
- Measurements on Teflon, urethane, rubber, HDPE, double-pass chromium, ceramic and concrete-lined pipes.

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