- For flow rates up to 50 m³/h; 220 USgpm

- Filtration degrees from 500 to 10 micron

- Filter area: 465 - 700 cm²; 72 - 110 in²

The "TAF" is an easy-to-operate automatic plastic filter, with a self-cleaning mechanism driven by an electric motor. The filter is designed To work with various types of screens in filtration degrees from 500 To 10 micron.

Filtering process:

The water enters through the inlet pipe into the screen area and flows through the screen from inside out. The "filtration cake" is accumulated on the screen surface and causes head loss To develop.

Self-cleaning process:

The TAF will start the self-cleaning process either when the pressure differential across the screen reaches a pre-set value or after a predetermined lapse of time. The fine screen filter element is cleaned by the suction scanner whose nozzles spiral across the inner surface of the screen. The filtration cake is "vacuumed" from the screen and expelled out the exhaust valve. The scanner's spiral motion is achieved by a drive unit which rotates a bi-directional continuous worm shaft. The exhaust valve is activated For the duration of the cleaning cycle by a 3-way solenoid. Filtered water continues To flow downstream during the flush cycle, which takes approximately 16 seconds.



25 m/h

110 USgpm


50 m/h

220 USgpm


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