Thermal Flow Switches

Kayden manufactures an innovative line of Thermal Switches for use in flow, level and interface applications. Kayden switches are unique. Kayden switches use state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled electronics. Highly accurate and reliable, Kayden switches include built-in diagnostics and Modbus communications capabilities. From simple on/off applications to complex control strategies, Kayden products provide solutions. The Kayden line of products is based on the thermal dispersion principle of operation. Though often referred to as a thermal dispersion flow switch, thermal flow switch, liquid flow switch or Modbus flow switch our products can also be used in level and interface applications. Some level applications are: level controller, tank level, high level alarm, low level alarm, wet/dry alarm and various other applications involving flow alarms. Another common application is interface control, especially those requiring an oil water interface switch.

Kayden Thermal Switch Product Group Overview:

Series - Classic 800
Models/Applications: 810, 812, 814, 816, 821, 823: Flow, Level, Interface & Temperature. 831 & 832: Flow & Temperature (in-line). 850: Flow, level, interface and temperature.

Series - Basic+ 400
Models/Applications: 410, 412, 414, 416: flow, level and interface. 421, 423: Flow and level. 430, 432: Flow (in-line). 450: flow, level, interface.

Series - CMP 100
Models/Applications: 112: Flow. 115: flow and level. 122: flow. 125: flow and level.


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