The Eaton Type 30L Gas Liquid Separator automatically removes 99% of all liquid and solid entrainment particles 10 microns in size or larger.


- Compact Design
- No Required Maintenance
- Removes 99% of Liquid and Solid Entrainment Particles Larger Than 10 Micron
- Gas, Steam or Air Applications


- Oversize Inlet Connections
- Reduced Size Inlet and Outlet Connections
- Different Flow Patterns
- Integral Sump
- ASME Code Stamp

High Efficiency
Eaton’s Series 30L gas liquid separator automatically removes 99% of all liquid and solid entrainment particles 10 microns in size or larger. In addition, it does so with no moving parts to break or wear out. Series 30 gas liquid separators perform to specification year in and year out with no required maintenance.


Exclusive Design
Centrifugal downward motion deflects moisture-laden gas as it enters the inlet of the separator. The entrained solids and moisture droplets separate from the gas by a reduction in velocity. Separated liquid and solids fall into a reservoir where Eaton’s exclusive Vortex Containment Plate (VCP) ensures that they cannot be re-entrained. The Vortex Containment Plate then directs the clean, dry flow to the outlet. The VCP eliminates the need for expensive, delicate baffles used in ordinary separators. There are 10 different models available to match the needs of just about any application no matter what the flow direction or piping system orientation.

Type 30L Separators with In-Line Piping Connections
The Type 31-L in-line gas liquid separator can be installed horizontally or vertically for downflow applications. Horizontally and vertically installed models can be furnished with reduced size inlet and outlet flanges to accommodate higher flow rates in smaller pipelines with an acceptable pressure drop. A sump and water gauge mounting is available on models installed horizontally. There are five different configurations to meet exact application requirements. The Type 32-L is an in-line vertical upflow separator.

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