Feature Tec Vane Pack Gas Separator

Vane Packs are a gas liquid separator that uses no filtering element but only a series of tightly packed directional vanes which remove liquid droplets from a gas stream.

Principle of operation:

Within the vane packs vessel are two stages of separation.

1. The first stage of separation is a knockout where large liquid amounts are removed from the gas stream by gravity and centrifugal force caused by an impingement plate.

2. The second  stage of separation is through directional change of the gas exiting the vessel. Heavier liquid droplets will impinge on the vane packs as the direction of flow changes. While gas continues to move through to the outlet, liquid droplets 10 microns or larger will be collected inside the vanes and drop down to drain off.




Filtration efficiency 10 micron at 99-99.5%
Mounting options Vertical or horizontal
Vessel design ASME VIII Div. 1, ASME U stamp on request
Vessel material Carbon steel, stainless steel

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