STUBBE: Rotameters (Variable Area Flow Meters)

Standard Features & Options:

Rotameters or Variable Area Flow Meters for technically clean fluids are available in a number of different models, involving different tube lengths and connection sizes. Details of these provided below. Standard unit has transparent PVC tube, PVDF non-magnetised float (target), UPVC union ends with solvent weld end connectors to BS/Ansi dimensions.
Note 1: Flow scale is in LITRES PER HOUR and is calibrated using the viscosity and density of water at 20°C.
Note 2: PVC is not recommended for gaseous media
Note 3: DFM 165 = tube length 165mm

DFM 165 3/8” (DN10) Flow range 3-24, 5-60, 10-100, 25-250 (LPH)
DFM 170 1/2” (DN15) Flow range 5-50, 15-150, 25-250, 40-400 (LPH)
DFM 185 3/4” (DN20) Range 15-150, 50-400, 60-600, 100-1,000 (LPH)
DFM 200 1” (DN25) Range 25-250, 40-400, 100-1,000, 150-1,500 (LPH)
DFM 350 1” (DN25) Flow range 15-150, 30-300, 60-600, 100-1,000 (LPH)
DFM 350 1-¼” (DN32) Flow range 150-1,500, 250-2,500 (LPH)
DFM 350 1-½” (DN40) Flow range 200-2,000, 300-3,000 (LPH)
DFM 350 2” (DN50) Flow range 400-4,000, 600-6,000, 1,000-10,000 (LPH)
DFM 350 2½” (DN65) 1,500-15,000, 2,500-25,000, 10,000-50,000 (LPH)

Options: Different scales (eg LPS, GPM, M³/H), BSP end connectors, alternative tube materials for different media PA, PSU or PVDF, alternative float material 1.4301 (V2A), union ends in PP, PVDF or white malleable cast iron, union O-rings in FPM.

All of the above DFM165-350 Rotameters can be supplied with a variety of position indicators, limit reed switches and flow data sensors. As the position of the float needs to be sensed, the standard PVDF float needs to be changed to one with an encapsulated magnet.


The Measurement:

Measurement with a float in a tapered borosilicate glass tube.

- Series 2100 with a 100 mm flow tube.

- Series 2150 with a 150 mm flow tube.

- Series 2300 2340 with a 300 mm flow tube.

- Regulating valve with a tapered plug and fine thread for precise flow adjustment.

- Compact construction with reduced dimensions to facilitate easy installation and mounting on control panels.

- Scales calibrated in flow units of l/h, %, l/min or cc/min.

- High and low flow alarms (optical, inductive or hall sensor)

- Constant flow regulators RCA or RCD

- A large number of applications in a wide range of manufacturing and laboratory processes, such as:

- control panels, pilot plants, measurement and control on machinery, water purification (osmosis), control in research laboratories, control of gas burners, chemical/pharmaceutical/cosmetic industry, flow control for industrial refrigeration, heat treatment, level control with the RCD regulator.


- Easy Installation

- Short Mounting length

- No straight pipe required before or after the flow meter

- Vertical mounting for rising fluid flow

- Horizontal inlet and outlet connections

- Low pressure loss

- Temperatures up too 10- Degree Celsius

- Compact construction



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