Water & Neutral Liquid Solenoid Valves

Treliving can help you select a solenoid valve for general water service. Servo assisted and Direct acting solenoids are available depending on flow rate and pressure requirements.


General plumbing

Non-aggresive chemical control

Hot water shower systems.


Variations of a plunger pilot valve enable solenoids to operate in zero differentiated pressure (hard coupled) low differentiated pressure (spring coupled) and simple servo assisted. 

Solenoid Valve Sizing

From 1/4" to 3" however most manufactures do not manufacture solenoid valves larger then 2 1/2".

Pressure Ranges (Typical)

- Servo assisted diaphragm Min 20kp to max 1600kpa

- for spring coupled Min Zero pressure to Max 1000kpa

Materials of Construction (Typical for water application)

- Brass bodies with Nitrile on seals stainless steel, core tube, spring

- Stainless steel bodies with viton seals

- PVC & glass reinforced nylons with Nitrile seals

Electronic Coil Voltages

12 v DC, 24 v AC, 24 v DC, 110 v AC, 240 v AC are common coil voltages. Often with servo assisted valves electrical coils are interchangeable. 


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