Welded Construction Filter Bags

Now, applications requiring polypropylene or polyester felt filter bags can take advantage of the all-welded construction afforded by Eaton SENTINEL®  Filter Bags.  These bags, made from silicone free materials feature super-strong welded construction rather than sewn seams.  This construction ensures that nothing by-passes the filtration media through holes in sewn fabric.


All SENTINEL® Filter Bags utilize the SENTINEL® seal. It's all plastic, polypropylene, polyester or Santoprene® construction, provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal which adapts to any filter housing.  This unique design employs a pressure activated sealing lip which responds to increases in differential pressure.  As the pressure increases, the seal of the ring improves, insuring by-pass free performance over all ranges of pressure, temperature and micron rating.  The elevated bag handles make removal of the bag from the vessel quick and easy.  When a SENTINEL® Filter Bag is installed into an Eaton Filtration Housing, the ring snaps into place, holding its position until the housing is closed.


Cut away shows how the SENTINEL® ring seals inside the filter housing.  

Handles on SENTINEL® ring bag remain above fluid level for easy removal.   Filter bag with SENTINEL® ring fits perfectly inside filter housing.

Proprietary Construction Process

A proprietary construction processes produce a reliable, durable filter bag.   All seams are fully welded, producing strong, reliable joints with no by-pass or loose sewing thread.  Seams are both strong and flexible, allowing the filter bag to conform to the restrainer basket.  The seam edges are heat sealed, eliminating possible loose fibers.  This results in a filter bag with durable performance for the most demanding applications.

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